Technical Help For CD Burner Problems

We have compiled this site to help with technical problems people experience with their CD Burners. With guides on troubleshooting software and solving hardware problems we hope this guide will provide an insight to fixing any CD burning errors.

When facing problems with computers taking the standard approach can help solve issues a lot faster.

How to solve CD Burner problems

When you experience problems with a CD Burner it can be difficult to determine an exact cause, that’s if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, like most devices or computer software there are steps that can be taken to eliminate a likely cause of a problem and it can help to have some CD burner tools to make things easier.

If your CD burner is having problems and you have no idea where to begin on fixing it I suggest trying the typical hardware test for CD Burners and read up on the CD Burner hardware section. This will help eliminate the actual CD Burner device from being the cause of the problems.

One of the most common causes of computer problems is down to software, when one software program conflicts with another. Fixing software problems can be a pain for most people but when you know of certain things to look at the task becomes easier. If you don’t already know about the msconfig tool built into MS Windows then I would suggest learn how to use this, it’s basic but can quickly help stop software or drivers from loading when your PC first starts – many software problems can be due to start-up programs conflicting.

Common problems with CD Burning software

A lot of people are experiencing difficulties in solving the power calibration error message that is caused by a variety of things and can be reported by a number of different CD burning programs.

People have also experienced audio skipping with Nero Burning ROM but this problem isn't just restricted to Nero.

Another common problem that people face is with the Cdr4_2K.sys - Cdralw2k.sys files and Roxio CD Burner. It can be easily fixed by following the correct procedures. Older versions of Roxio came bundled with Roxio Direct CD that used a UDF reader for CD-RW media discs. This reader would allow other computers to recognize the data that was burnt onto the writable disc but could easily become corrupt. Read more on fixing UDF reader problems.

If you are running an older version of software you may experience some issues with the ASPI Layer that's incompatible with other software installed.

Don't forget, there are a hundred and one reasons on why you might be experiencing problems with burning CD's. Its always advisable to collect as much information as possible and to look at all aspects burning cd's.

Guides to help solve problems with burning cd's

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