CD Burner Help Guides

The following articles will help give you a brief overview into CD Burners and what can be involved for the CD Burning process. If you would like to submit an article with a link to your site, please feel free to contact us.

Best CD Burner Software

A brief help guide on how to select the best CD Burning software for your CD Burner and PC, either with free CD Burning Software or paid software. This should save you the hassle of testing numerous different CD Burning programs. Read more on what are the best CD Burner Programs

Best CD Burner Hardware

Before purchasing any CD Burner make sure you know the different technologies that are on the market, selecting the wrong one can cause problems on your computer. Read more on Selecting the correct technology for CD Burners.

Importance of Data Backups

Read why it is important to backup data on a regular basis and learn some tips on how to recovery data from corrupt discs. This guide provides some examples of what can go wrong when data is not backed up and should prompt you to make a data backup as soon as possible. Read why you should backup data.

Multi-read Devices

Not many people know what a ‘multi-read’ device is and also do not realize that it’s important when trying to read a CD-R or CD-RW disc on a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or even a DVD Player. Read this guide to find out more about multi-read drives and when it comes into play with CD Burners.

DVD Burners vs CD Burners

Discover the better storage device between DVD Burners and CD Burners and why each device is useful. This article will explain the pro’s and con’s of DVD and CD Burners to help you make a better decision before spending money on a optical storage device. Read the better device - DVD Burner or CD Burner.

Technical Support tips

This article gives you some insight on how things really are for a technical support help desk disproving what customers are led to believe about company support desks as seen on TV adverts. Find out why some help desks are actually no help at all and why it comes to no surprise that agents are under paid. Read more on getting tips for using technical support.