ASPI Layer Help For CD Burners

ASPI stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface and its technology is used for CD Burners external and internal.

The ASPI Layer which is also known as "ASPI Drivers" or ASPI Interface is basically software that helps audio software communicate with the ROM drives of the PC. Various types of software will call apon the ASPI Layer such as CD Rippers, also know as Audio extractors or MP3 Rippers, but also CD Burning Software such as Roxio CD Burner, Nero and CDRWin just to name a few.

Now here is where problems may begin. Microsoft Windows has a version of the ASPI Layer installed and when a different version of the ASPI Layer is installed by other Programs conflicts start to happen.

It may not result in just CD Burning problems but problems with the ASPI layer can also lead to system crash's or even the blue screen of death. Don't get hung up on the whole ASPI Layer topic, its a pretty simple driver and can be made stable pretty easily. If you want there is plenty of web sites to browse on the topic of the ASPI or even Roxio ASPI Layer Errors.

Updating ASPI Drivers

Adaptec have developed ASPI check which allows you to check the ASPI Layer and the version installed. To download the utility click aspichk.exe for Windows NT4/95 only.

For Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP users you will need the aspi_471a2.exe download which contains the ASPI Check Tools and also updated drivers. Please follow the install instructions at the bottom of the download page.

If the above downloads fail from Adaptec a nice utility called ForceApsi can be used, the name gives it away, basically this forces the Aspi Drivers onto the system overwriting any existing. Please note you should only use this download for testing purposes only. Download ForceAspi.