CD Burner Data Cables

All computer equipment, with an exception to Wireless devices, use some sort of data cable to allow that device to speak with the computer and other forms of computer hardware.Data transfer is almost the most important aspect of CD Burning and if the transfer is interrupted the CD Burning Session will likely fail. Data Cables have a big responsibility of getting the data from point A the PC to Point B the CD Burner during the CD Burning session.

Although it is not common for a CD Burner data cable to be the cause of a CD Burning issue, it should never be ruled out until the cables is fully tested as problems can occur such as sliced cables or even a short.

CD Burners use different forms of technology and would connect to a PC by either an IDE Cable, USB Cable, SCSI cable, PCMCIA cable or a Parallel Cable to allow to data transfer to and from the computer. If the CD Burner is internal then it’s likely it will be connected to the computer with an IDE cable, if its a SCSI device then you may already know its using a SCSI cable. External Burners can be either be USB, Parallel, SCSI, Firewire and PCMCIA

Testing Data Cables

Although the following is described with an IDE Cable the test can also be done with USB Cables etc. The IDE Cable is gray, thick, 40-Pin connector, can hold two IDE Drives and is usually short. To test the data cable, IDE cable, disconnect the computer hardware from the cable and disconnect the IDE Cable from the Motherboard, now connect a different IDE cable - if you don’t have a spare purchase a new one which can be got for a very low price.

Cable Length

Something to keep in mind is to make sure the cable for the CD Burner is not long in length, the longer a data cable is the more data that is delayed from being transferred. This can cause a break in the transfer rate which is a high risk for a Buffer Underrun to occur.

Also make sure that the CD Burner or DVD Burner is NOT connecting through a hub or part of a daisy chain of devices, this will only cause data to be lost or crash during the CD Burning process.

If all above is covered the data cable can be ruled out as the cause of the CD Burning problem, its advisable to check the data ports the drive connects to by testing the port and configuring.