Computer Chipset

A Chipset on a motherboard is responsible for the data flow of hardware devices installed on a PC, including IDE CD Burners. The IDE Channels on the motherboard is where the IDE Burner connects to the PC and is driven by the drivers installed for the Chipset.

There are number of major manufactures of Chipsets and its likely your PC is using their chipset; manufactures include Intel, VIA, SIS and Opti. The Chipset industry is very competitive which drives the manufacture to better the technology that we use, as Intel did by developing the Intel Triton chipset some years back. Most manufactures preferred the Intel Triton Chipset over any other because of its built-in master EIDE support which allows the Chipset to get the most out of the Pentium and processor.

It is important for CD Burning that a PC can be fast enough to transmit data to and keep up with the needs of a CD Burner to complete a disc session. The faster the bus speed of your PC the better it will be for the system to handle CD Burning sessions.

Unfortunately technologies grow old and fast which leaves us with a PC using a mix-match of new and old technology which can cause incredible problems with different applications and hardware. You may want to think on how you can make your system faster by considering upgrading the motherboard and processor.

Chipset Problems

It can be difficult to identify problems that are caused by the Chipset Drivers and with IDE Burners it can be a common cause of a CD Burning issues. The IDE ATAPI Controllers in the Device Manager are the drivers for what’s installed onto the IDE Channels such as the Primary IDE and Secondary IDE – The Chipset manufacture will be listed under here.

To quickly eliminate the Chipset divers as the cause download the latest drivers for the Chipset used on your PC.