Data Backup & Recovery With CD's

Data Recovery is important for those who have just experienced the likes of a computer crash or even worse, a server crash. Its not until that moment when we experience the crash that we strike the thought “man, I should have backed up that data”.

Recovering data becomes even more important when the data belongs to your company and is required on a daily basis for different departments, now the heat is on! For a company data loss is bad, its hurts business, it doesn’t give customers much confidence with the company and can even destroy work relationships (for those taking the blame).

If something goes wrong that is IT related within a company the first people usually blamed are the IT staff. What everyone doesn’t realise is that usually IT budgets are smaller than what they should be not allowing the IT Department to have a fully successful IT infrastructure.

Our company alone houses 300 nodes on its network but has four CD Burners creating full data backups and runs 24 hours 5 days a week. Yes it does become a storage issue and its common knowledge that company business data would be more important than simple storage space. It is also important to remember to keep your backed-up data off-site as fires and other disasters are known take companies out of business.

Data Backups for home users are just as important too and their computers are more prone to security breeches and system crash’s than that of a company PC. Also we most remember many people work from home saving their main source of income onto a hard drive that could crash unannounced.

It is surprising how many stories we hear from our customers about their experience with data loss and how they needed help in recovering data but also more surprising on the different situation for each person. We would receive calls from military departments, hospitals, schools, banks, telecomm companies and many other high end industries. All had the same thing in common which wasl needing help in recovering data, most of which didn’t make backups in the first place.

Data backups can also fail and may lead you into looking for some recovering data service but you must remember to make more than one backup, the more protected the data is the more happier everyone will be when things go wrong.

Data backups created from a CD Burner can still fail easily which is a common experience for some. When creating backups different factors need to be taken into consideration such as the data backup programs reliability, the format of the data, if it will be a CD-R or CD-RW disc or will the disc will be 650MB or 700MB.

Before running out and purchasing a data backup program for your CD Burner make sure its compatible with the system and does what you actually need for a data backup, read reviews online which should help make your decision.

As for the type of media disc you should use for a data backup make sure it’s a brand of disc that works well with your CD Burner and is 650MB only, its also recommended that you use a CD-R only as the data cannot be deleted.