Firmware For CD Burners

Firmware for CD Burners is actually software en-bedded onto a hardware chip which is known as the Flash ROM. Although the Flash ROM is “read-only” memory it can actually be erased and written over as it has Flash Memory capabilities. With having the ability to write over the ROM this allows us to apply updates released by the manufacture.

Function of Firmware

The Firmware of a CD Burner plays an important role during CD Burning process as it commands the hardware on how to read specific media and to communicate with other hardware devices. CD Burner manufactures are always releasing Firmware updates very regularly for a broad range of devices which gives better compatibility between blank media discs and other hardware devices.

Updating Firmware

It is important that your CD Burner has the latest update installed, especially if you are having problems with CD Burning or problems with reading discs. You can obtain the latest firmware patch from the CD Burner manufacture web site or from various other locations across the web.

Install Firmware at your own risk!

If things go wrong during the installation of a firmware update serious problems can occur with the CD Burner i.e. the PC no longer recognizes the CD Burner or the hardware device you applied the update to. Always make sure you system is stable and configured correctly before installing the Firmware update. You can try the Software Help page to assist with the configuration.