Hardware Test for CD Burners

CD Burner hardware should be looked at in the first step of troubleshooting any CD Burning issues, why? It is easier to test a CD Burner for hardware problems and takes up less time than that of a software fault.

Cause of Hardware Problems

Many different things can cause hardware problems for CD Burners, causes such as dust accumulating inside the drive, the Burner being exposed to direct sunlight and even magnetic fields – some people may have a magnet on the desk of the PC, which I have encountered with a customer previously.

Below should help you to eliminate the Burner hardware as the cause of the CD Burning problem that maybe occurring. It can also be used for DVD Burners, CD-ROM drives and DVD-ROM drives too.

It is advisable at this point that you have fully read the manufacture manual for the CD Burner and PC and follow safety precaution when working inside PC.

Make sure to read from the beginning of Hardware for CD Burners before continuing. Continued from last page the LED’s on the drive should show signs of life, check with the manufacture of the drive what these LED’s mean.

Testing your CD Burner Drive

It is important to know that if the CD Burner passes the hardware it doesnt nessecary mean that its 100% fully functional - the above hardware test is a read test only.

It is recommended to start looking at the data cable for the CD Burner as a possible cause.