Configuring IDE continued

Please make sure that you have followed Part A of IDE Configuration before following this page.
If you are installing the burner as Secondary Master set the "jumper" pin to MA and connect the CD Burner to the 2nd IDE Cable separate from the hard drive.

At this point, if you have followed the guide up to now the CD Burner should be at least recognized in the BIOS. If not but works on another PC you may have a bigger issue with the motherboard, contact the manufacture of the PC or the motherboard or go try the Computer BIOS Guide.

Once you have the IDE CD Burner recognized in the BIOS and are still having issues with burning then its likely the problem is going to be software related.

IDE Burner Drivers

Within Device Manager check the IDE Atapi controllers to make sure there isn't any conflicts with the IDE port driver. Make sure to have have your Windows Operating System Disc first then, uninstall the hard disk controllers listed within the Device Manager and restart the PC.

On start-up Windows should find the disk controllers and re-install them. If the issue remains download the latest chipset from the manufacture, the disk controller should read something like Intel(r) 82371 AB/EB PCI Bus master IDE hard disk controller. The Intel tells us the chipset is Intel Brand, VIA is other common one, and the 82371 AB/EB is the version.

DMA Option

Toggle the DMA option for the CD Burner. Also enable DMA for the hard drive, that's if the drive will support DMA. You can find the DMA options under the properties of the IDE drives in Device Manager. Windows 2000 users, PIO3 will disable DMA and PIO4 will enable UDMA, toggle both to see which works best. If Windows is having trouble with the DMA options then enable/disable them through the BIOS, only you will be enabling/disabling DMA for the Primary & Secondary IDE controller so make sure you know which one the CD Burner is installed onto. See Windows O' for a better description on DMA.

If the drivers for the ATAPI Controllers IDE port Drivers, look fine then its time to move onto the CD Burner Software,.

Move onto troubleshooting IDE Devices