Troubleshooting IDE Burners

Make sure to complete the hardware test before following these next steps, if the CD Burner drive passes the test then next step to take is checking the IDE cable. The best way to test a data cable is to fit a new IDE Cable onto the Systemboard – if you don’t have a spare you can purchase one at a very low cost.

Make sure the connection to the IDE channel, on the motherboard, is working. If the CD Burner or is sharing the IDE Cable with another device check the BIOS to see if it is listed, information can vary in the BIOS depending on the manufacture of the motherboard but most, if not all, will list PIO ports or Primary & Secondary Channels.

The DVD-ROM or DVD Burner should be listed. If it states “Automatic” then change each setting so it will list the names of the ROM Drives. For more troubleshooting in the CMOS see Computer BIOS Guide.

Once completed with following the BIOS guide and see IDE configuration that needs to be checked which seems to stump many people when trying to troubleshooting an internal CD Burner or DVD Burner. You will find some useful info on configuring IDE for CD Burners.