IDE CD Burners

If the CD Burner is an internal drive, fitted inside the PC, then its likely it will be a IDE CD Burner The good thing about an IDE CD Burner or DVD Burner is that once installed they work really well, unless there is an issue with the drive itself or the CD Burner Software.

A CD Burner or DVD Burner connects to a thick gray cable along with the Hard drive and CD-ROM which attaches to the motherboard of the PC, also known as Systemboard.

With troubleshooting IDE Technology you only need to check a few things, you may need to read the motherboard manual. Its important that you have at least some knowledge of the internal workings of PC before working inside the PC.

Configuring IDE is also an important factor to eliminate any driver conflicts with the CD Burner or DVD Burner and other Hardware that is installed onto the System. IDE configuration is something that goes missed with most people as they concentrate more on CD Burning Software.