CD-R Media Discs For CD Burners

CD-R discs are also known as CD-Recordable discs, basically a CD-R disc will be blank when purchased and once the disc is closed it cannot be written to again or erased.

So when would you use a CD-R disc? CD-R’s should be used when you want to burn an audio disc to play in the CD-ROM or Car CD Player. Please note that not all CD Players can recognize a CD-R disc but most players that are made today will. CD-R discs should also be used for important data back-ups as the disc cannot be erased once the data is written to the CD-R. It is a bad idea to burn a Data Back-up onto a CD-RW disc as this format can be erased and the data lost forever.

One problem that can occur when using Multi-session on a CD-R is when the previous burned Data cannot be viewed, only the newest data can be seen. This is a common problem and can usually be caused by the user forgetting to link the files from the previous session to the newly burned session. Can you get the data back? Yes and no. There are various programs to help recover lost data such as CD-R Diagnostic or ISO Buster but there is no guarantee the data can be recovered.

There isnt much that can be done when trying to fix problems with a disc but some factors need to be considered when a disc is unreadable such as updating the CD Burner firmware or the ASPI Layer installed.