CD-RW Media Discs For CD Burners

CD-RW Discs are also known a CD-Rewritable which allow you to burn data and erase data more than once which is different than a CD-R Disc. CD-RW should only be used when you are making a temporary copy of data, don’t forget CD-RW discs should not be used for important data back-ups – use a CD-R Disc instead.

If you are looking to use a CD-RW just like a Floppy Disk, allowing you to drag & drop files on the CD-RW you will need Packet Writing Software such as Roxio Direct CD. Packet Writing uses a file format called UDF and allows you to burn data to the disc without doing the CD Session setup each time you want to burn data. The setup consists of formatting the disc which then allows you to drag & drop files or use the Send To command onto the CD-RW disc.

It important to remember that you should not eject a UDF formatted CD-RW disc the same way as you would a normal disc. Unknown to you the UDF software is constantly burning and reading the CD-RW disc when in the drive, even if you are not actually doing a CD Burning session, so in order to eject the CD-RW safely from the CD-Burner you need to use the eject option in the CD Burning software such as Roxio Direct CD.

Ejecting the disc from the CD Burner is the biggest cause of corrupted UDF discs because the burn process had been interrupted and was unable to write a temporary Table of Contents – the TOC tells a CD-ROM what files are on the disc.

If you have a UDF disc and cannot view the files on the disc make sure that you use Roxio UDF Reader and download it if you used Roxio Direct CD - you will need the UDF Reader installed onto any PC's that the CD-RW will be used on.

Make sure that you read the Multi-Read help if you need to use your CD-RW Media Disc in another drive such as a CD-ROM or even a DVD Player. Also see UDF problems for more help.