Blank Media Discs For CD Burners

To copy or duplicate a CD or to burn data you will need a blank Media Disc and a CD Burner, you can use either CD-R discs or CD-RW discs depending on the CD Burning Session you are creating. CD-R and CD-RW discs are extremely cheap but can become expensive when you can produce nothing but tea coasters with the CD Burner.

The following will be useful to know when having problems with blank media discs. Don’t get hung up or confused over the whole blank media disc topic, unless you have an interest, as there isn’t much to know except making the right decisions.

What is the best brand of blank cds?

There is no specific answer to this question, well specific to your model of CD Burner drive.

Each model and manufacture of CD Burners recognizes blank media differently because of various factors such as the firmware version of the CD Burner drive, the heating of the drive (from inside the PC) and also the power consumption, believe it or not. Other factors that affect the brand of media disc is the color of dye used during the making of the disc and also the size of disc - which is described below.

So how do you select the best brand of Blank Media CD for your CD Burner?

The easiest way is to purchase a number of different brands and whatever one has the least problems is probably the best brand of disc for your drive.

How much data can blank media cds hold?

CDR Media or CDRW media discs can either hold 650MB of data which is 74 minutes of audio or 700MB which is 80 minutes of audio. Although other sizes are available. It’s advisable to test CD Burner problems only with 650MB discs because 650MB is a standard set so that CD Burners and Blank Discs will work with one another. If you have burned audio using a 80minute disc with clicks near the end of the disc this usually means the CD Burning Hardware has poor support for anything outside the blank CD ISO.

CD-R Media Discs

CD-R Media discs allows you to burn, copy, duplicate data or audio to it which cannot be erased. It is advisable to use CD-R media whenever making an important data backup or an audio backup not only because the data cant be erased but also because CD-R Media is compatible with more CD-ROM and CD Players than a CD-RW Media Disc.

The CD-R Media Disc section contains useful information and tips for CD Burning.

CD-RW Media Discs

Erasable discs, also known as CD-RW Media Discs, allow CD Burning Software to format the media to UDF format which allows drive letter access, the ability to drag & drop files onto a disc. CD-RW Media Discs can be erased at anytime and data re-written. See the CD-RW Media section to learn more on using a CD-RW disc and its best uses.

Don forget to follow the ASPI Layer Section as this could be one cause of the CD Burner or CD-ROM failing to read a Blank Media Disc.

Multi-Read Devices For Reading CDs

It is important to know that optical drives such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, CD-Burners, DVD Burners and DVD players need to be Multi-Read compatible to have the ability to read all types of media such as CD-R's and CD-RW's. To read more on the topic see Multi-Read Help.