Troubleshooting CD Burning with msconfig

When troubleshooting any software or hardware problem on a computer its important to make use of any tools that might be available on the system including the msconfig tools.

It is a basic program from Microsoft that provides access to data held within the MS Windows registry. The msconfig utility comes pre-installed with Windows 98 1st & 2nd editions, Windows ME and Windows XP. The program was included in some versions of Windows 95 but was not with Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. If you have Windows 95, NT4 or Windows 2000 you can still install the msconfig file downloading it from Perfect Drivers.

Disable start-up with msconfig

It is advisable to always follow these steps whenever a computer starts having problems, it’s important to attempt to stop the problem from starting up on the PC. If you have problems with a virus or spy-ware then it is essential that you do these steps.

Before installing any software on your computer, even CD Burning software, then its highly recommended that you disable the startup items before doing so.

1: To access the msconfig utility click on the Start button on the bottom tool bar and select run, the run window should now open.

2: Type msconfig and click ok which should now open the System Configuration Utility.

3: Under the General Tab most home computers will have ‘Normal Start-Up’ selected, if so then select ‘Selective Start-up’. If the computer is at work then the user will need to be logged in as the Admin.

4: Click on the Start-Up tab a list of files will be listed, if any are checked they are selected to start automatically when the computer is powered on – even spyware or virus’s. These programs will remain running until the PC is powered down or disabled manually by the user – this is not when try to burn CD’s. Before removing any ticks from the boxes make a note of what you are disabling.

5: Once each program has been disabled from loading up click apply and ok, the Restart PC prompt will appear, click restart.

Once the PC restarts again the icons in the systray (lower right hand corner of the screen) will no longer appear, this is a sign that the load startup programs have now been disabled.

See Microsoft Article ID 310560 for more technical information on using the MS Windows System Configuration Utility, msconfig.