Nero 7 Audio CDs skip - How to fix

Not everyone using Nero burning software is having problems with playing back audio that results in skipping that other usres are reporting with using Nero 7.

Nero has not confirmed that Nero software is causing audio to skip during playback of CDs so we suspect the cause is not with their software but by another factor on the computer - their support site certainly suggest this to be the case.

MP3PRO with Nero

Nero 7 has the ability to burn MP3PRO files by installing an MP3PRO plugin that is a 30 day trial, this can be purchased as a full version from the Ahead online shop.

Not everyone is aware of the MP3RPO format or what functions it serves but its fact that it is not compatible with the majority of MP3 players or even CD players available. Although MP3PRO files can still be played on normal MP3 players without the PRO feature who is to say that problems will not occur, such as audio skipping during playback?

If the audio CD was created using Nero Software and results in skipping during playback try disabling the MP3PRO format option with the Nero software. To do this, simply click on the settings button for Output File Format and change from MP3PRO - remember you need a compatible MP3PRO player to take advantage of this file format so unless you have one of these players dont bother using MP3PRO.

If disabling the MP3PRO format does not make a difference and the audio cd skips during playback back the next step would be to convert the MP3 file to WAV and try burning the WAV file. If this steps does work and the audio stops skipping try converting the WAV file to MP3 again by using, Simple MP3 Maker, and again test by burning the track to disc.

If you are burning CD-CD using Nero software try creating a disc image onto the hard drive first and then onto a blank CD-R media disc, if this fails try converting the CD into WAV format by using the Simple MP3 tool as mentioned before - please note: You should not copy, burn or rip any CD that holds copyright title unless you have legal right to do so.


If all the above suggestions fail to stop the audio from skipping during playback some people managed to solve the issue by changing the version of the MP3PRO.dll file.

MP3PRO.dll version 2.0.5.X is installed by Nero 7 and can be found by following the path C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\ - you can check the version by right clicking on the MP3PRO.dll file and selecting properties. Only continue of the MP3PRO.dll file is version 2.0.5.X

If the dll file is version make a copy and place it into a folder on the desktop. If Nero 6 is available install this version, making sure to uninstall Nero 7 first. Once Nero 6 is reinstalled check the version of the MP3PRO.dll file that was installed and it should now be mp3PRO.dll version or a previous version than what comes with Nero 7 - copy this version and placed into a different folder on the desktop. Reinstall Nero 7 again but of course remember to uninstall Nero 6 fully first and then replace the MP3PRO.dll located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\ with the newly copied mp3PRO.dll version

NOTE: We have not tested this procedure and do not know the affects this change may have with Nero, MS Windows or any hardware devices. You can also download the below files from here.