Nero Burning ROM For CD Burners

Nero burning softwareNero burning software has always been a more popular choice of program for burning data, audio or video onto blank media discs such as a CD-R or CD-RW. The software, developed by Ahead, became major competition for Roxio CD Burner Software and their equivalent product, Easy CD Creator (first developed by Adaptec). Both software packages included Packet Wring software Ahead supplied InCD and Roxio supplied Direct CD.

Nero CD Burning Software is usually very stable when installed onto Microsoft Windows but that is not to say problems will not occur. Some known problems happen when installed onto Windows XP and if installed on the same system Roxio Software such as Direct CD.

Before installing or using Nero it is advisable to obtain the Nero manual and if possible make a print-out. You can find a manual for Nero by visiting the download Nero manual page.

Installing Nero Software

Similar to any software program Nero should be installed using specific steps making sure no conflicts will occur during or after the installation. With Nero, being software for CD burning conflicts can occur with other software programs such as anti-virus programs, anti-spyware software or even other CD Burning programs. Read our installing Nero guide and follow advice given such as using the msconfig option before installation.

Common problems with Nero

Every software program installed onto MS Windows experiences some kind of problem usually caused by different factors. The following are some issues that people experience with using the Nero burning software but are not specifically caused by Nero.

Audio CDs skip with Nero

Some people using Nero burning software have complained that audio discs created with the program skip during play back. With no confirmation from Nero, regarding the problem we suspect that the Nero program is not entirely responsible for the playback problem. See our help on Nero audio CDs skipping for a temporary work around to the problem.

Nero Power Calibration Errors

It is important to note the power calibration error is not Nero specific and appears on different burning programs. The error for power calibration happens from a number of different factors from a result of bad media or faulty hardware. See our guide on solving power calibration errors.

Nero on Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Microsoft & Nero recognize a compatibility issue after installing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP – you may receive and error regarding Nero being incompatible with your version of Windows. If you do receive this error make sure that your using Nero 6 build You can download a free Nero update - you can read more on the problem from Microsoft Article 891070

Nero ASPI Drivers

It is important to know that ASPI Drivers can be installed from various sources such as CD Burning software like Nero or Roxio CD Burner – Microsoft XP also comes with a version of the ASPI Layer installed. It is common to experience problems with the ASPI Layer some caused with Nero and Roxio being installed onto the same PC – if you have Nero it is good practice to check the ASPI Layer to make sure its not the cause of your CD Burning problem. Download Nero ASPI

You can also find more information on ASPI under our ASPI Driver Guide.

Nero Downloads

Dynamic Write Speed – Change the speed of the CD Burner.

Info Tool – Obtain an error log to email onto Nero Support.

TestCD – Make sure your version of Nero Burning ROM is compatible with your CD Burner.

InCD User Manuals – Read on how to to backup a database, Eject a CD-RW disc and to disable the startup Nero Window.

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