Parallel CD Burners

CD Burners using Parallel Technology came into the CD Writer market way before USB; although it was great for its time they are just too out dated these days as they are too slow of an external CD Burner compared to one that uses USB Technology.

Power Calibration error

Problems can occur often with Parallel CD Burners and be caused by a number of factors. One common problem is the dreadful Power Calibration error. Although there is a number of causes of the Power Calibration error it seems external CD Burners are mostly affected from dust accumulating inside the hardware which affects the laser of the CD Burner. See the Power Calibration Errors page for more causes of this error, the CD Burner may not be at fault.

Troubleshooting Parallel Burners

Parallel CD Burners are usually stable devices to have installed on your PC but like any other Hardware Technology conflicts and problems can occur. Troubleshooting Parallel Hardware is very straight forward and problems can be fixed quickly. See Troubleshooting Parallel CD Burners for steps on how to fix parallel conflicts and problems.

Configuring Parallel Burner

Although troubleshooting Parallel devices is quite simple configuring them can get complicated as any change may affect other Parallel Hardware such as printers. Conflicting hardware can be a result of IRQ conflicts or IRQ sharing so it is important to configure all settings correctly. See Parallel Configuration for more steps on fixing your CD Burner problems.