Power Calibration Errors


You may receive the Power Calibration Error using Nero and Roxio CD Burner or any other software the same troubleshooting methods should be used.

The Power Calibration error is also known to happen with internal and external CD DVD Burners and the below information should help resolve the error message.

Power Calibration Error Explained

Each time a CD Burner is setup for a CD Burning session the burner hardware will perform a 15 step power test to determine the OPC for a Blank Media Disc, OPC meaning Optimum Power Calibration.

This test also takes place during the CD Burning process so the CD Burner can determine the best burn speed and method for the disc; this test is called 'Running Optimum Power Calibration'.

Although the test is performed by the hardware of the CD Burner, the device initializes the CD Burning Software for the test to take place. This is one reason why your software may report the "Power Calibration Error" or “Calibration Error Full”.

Causes of Power Calibration Errors

With Power Calibration errors they can be caused by different factors and sometimes difficult to locate, especially if the errors are at random. Below are the known factors that will cause the Power Calibration Errors and how to check each factor, it is important that each point is considered if wanting to get to the bottom of the error.

Blank Media Discs

Power Calibration Errors can occur when OPC or ROPC tests for the media disc so the condition of the disc, brand of disc and even the firmware for the CD Burner can be the cause for the errors occurring. Test the drive with more than one disc (650MB only) and even a different brand, for more assisting on testing discs please see Blank Media Disc Help.

Although the Firmware of CD Burners is physically burned onto a chip inside the device it is software based and also determines how a CD Burner reads a disc. It’s always recommended to update the Firmware for a CD Burner when the drive has problems reading media discs.

Power Consumption

A device such as a CD Burners can have different problems if there is a power consumption issue with the system and the Power Calibration Error is just one of those problems. If using either an internal or external CD Burner make sure to disconnect all other devices, except the hard drive and Burner, before attempting to burn a disc. Double check all cables for any faults and if possible test with a 2nd Data Cable. It is also advisable to disconnect the power connection for the CD Burner and test with a spare connector.

Dust Accumulating

Dust accumulates on electrical devices such as PCs at a high rate and its very common for CD Burners to become faulty because of this dust with the Power Calibration Errors being a tell tale sign. The rubber lip located around the drawer of the CD Burner, usually inside of the drive, is to protect the inner workings of the device from dust. Power Calibration Errors caused by dust can still simply be fixed by using a can of compressed air, specifically designed for using on PCs. It may also be useful to test with a CD Cleaner Kit as a last resort.

It is also advisable to test the CD Burner on another PC, if possible, to see if the Power Calibration Errors occur – if so replace the drive.