Roxio Direct CD Burner Software

Roxio Direct CD is known as Packet Writing Software for CD Burning. It’s an amazing tool if it is used correctly and the PC is configured correctly. It’s advisable to look at this section and try and get a basic understanding on how the software works.

Roxio Direct CD works totally different than Roxio Easy CD Creator and burns the discs in a different format called UDF. Direct CD, will first format a blank CDR or CDRW, into UDF, when first placed into the CD Burner. During this process a UDF Reader will be burned onto the disc to help other computer recognize what files are on the Disc.

After formatting the disc you have access to the drive as you would a Floppy Drive, allowing copy & paste onto Disc or using the Save As option within an program to burn directly to the CD-R or CD-RW – this is what is extremely useful when it comes to Roxio Direct CD. Direct CD or any Packet Writing software does not burn Audio; it’s a Data only application.

Now here is what most people misunderstand about Roxio Direct CD, or any Packet Writing Software, that cause files to be lost from Discs or for a disc to become corrupt.

When a formatted disc is inserted into the CD Burner the Direct CD Burning software locks the drive so the burn process can start straight away, the drawer of the drive may not respond when you press the eject button.

The best method to eject a formatted disc is to use the option within Roxio Direct CD. Doing this you are allowing cd direct to write a temporary table of contents (TOC) so the next time the disc is inserted into a drive the file structure can be recognized. If the eject button on the CD Burner is used to eject a formatted there is a high chance of that disc becoming corrupt.

TIP: Never use Packet Writing software to make a backup of important data, always make sure that you have a 2nd copy of your data safe.

Some earlier versions of Roxio Direct CD would keep prompting users to upgrade their software, the message still apears if 'do not show this option again' is seleced. Read disable Direct CD upgrade banner for more help on this issue.

If you create a disc using UDF format you will need to have a UDF Reader installed for that disc to readable on another PC. See UDF problems is you need assistance with UDF.