Roxio Easy CD Creator CD Burner Software

Roxio Easy CD Creator is a great CD Burning software package as long as it is installed onto a stable Operating System and precautionary procedures have been taken to eliminate risk of software conflicts from happening. See CD Burning Software Guide for help with doing this, the guide is also excellent for solving Buffer Underrun problems.

Make sure your CD Burner is compatible with Roxio Easy CD Creator Obtain a Free Roxio Download and make sure your version of Easy CD Creator is the latest edition.

Roxio Easy CD Creator on Windows 2000/XP

Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 is not compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 but can be forced to install and Work on Windows XP with Service Pack 1. Although it is known that people have had luck with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 of Win XP SP2.


If you have installed Roxio Easy CD Creator onto Windows XP or Windows 2000 and the ROM drives have disappeared you can follow Cdr4_2K.sys and Cdralw2k.sys fix to solve the problem. You may also get Error Code 31 or errors with Cdr4_2K.sys and Cdralw2k.sys which are all the same problem. Please see Microsoft Document Q27008 for Windows 2000 or Microsoft Document Q314060 for Windows XP.

Conflicting Software

There are a number of different programs that can cause conflicts with Roxio Easy CD Creator. It is known that Windows Media Player 7.01 & higher conflicts with Roxio Easy CD Creator and also Music Match. Any Real Player version that come installed with Roxio Plugins can cause disruption for Roxio Easy Creator version 4 and 5.

Installing and Removing Roxio CD Burner

Before you install any software programs onto your PC it is important that necessary configuration steps are taken to eliminate any chances of conflicts or error from occurring. Make sure to follow the Software Help before installing any CD Burner software such as Roxio Easy CD Creator.

When you insert the Roxio Easy CD Creator disc into the drive it will usually start-up automatically allowing you to select a number of options such as install, close this Window if it does appear. Browse the Roxio Software disc my going into My Computer and select the drive the disc is located. Now browse the folders for the Roxio Installation file for Easy CD Creator. Once located and clicked on the installation for Easy CD creator should start. Once installed Reboot the PC, if you are installing onto Windows XP or Windows 2000 make sure to download any updates for your version and install before rebooting.

After rebooting the PC you should be able to go into the program of Roxio Easy CD Creator and start a CD Burning Session. If you are still have problems make sure that all steps are covered under the Software Help.

To uninstall Roxio Easy CD Creator go into the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and Remove from the list or try using Download RoxioZap