Cdr4_2K.sys & Cdralw2k.sys Problems

After installing Roxio Easy CD Creator you may experience a problem with the CD or DVD-ROM Drives on the PC, most commonly any trace of them being installed disappear - the following info based on Cdr4_2K.sys and Cdralw2k.sys problems can also be found on Microsoft’s Website under Article 315345 – you can use Microsft Knowledge Base Search or just read on.

Problems with cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_w2k.sys and Roxio Easy CD Creator have escalated into an extremely common problem since it first arisen after the release of Windows XP.

So what is the cause?

Installing an incompatible version of Roxio CD Burner onto Microsoft Windows XP Home or Pro will cause this problem by cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_w2k.sys conflicting. This may happen followed by the error: "Device or applications disabled: Direct CD will cause windows to become unstable. Windows has prevented these drivers from loading”.This is not a major problem; it is one of easiest CD Burner problems to fix if you follow the correct steps which involve altering the cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_w2k.sys registry entries.

How do you fix Cdr4_2K.sys and Cdralw2k.sys errors?

Restart the PC and boot into safe mode, keep pressing F12 on startup to enter safe mode. Uninstall all Roxio Software including Roxio Easy CD Creator and Roxio Direct CD.
Run a search for the file extension cdr*.sys. You should find Cdr4_2K.sys & Cdralw2k.sys rename both from .sys ti .old

You should only try this if you are familiar with the regedit. Enter the registry by running regedit and do a full registry backup.

Follow the path:

If you have UpperFilters value & LowerFilters value in the right window delete them both.

Now follow:

Cdr4_2K and delete the subkey: Cdr4_2K and do the same for: Cdralw2k, Cdudf and UdfReadr, rename then to old.

Locate and delete the key:


Locate and delete the key:


Once you have followed the above then close the registry and reboot the computer.

If you are using Windows XP make sure that your version of Roxio Easy CD Creator is Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 or higher - if have 5.0x Platinum or Basic you will need to install the downloadable updater from Roxio, it is important not to install Roxio Easy Creator 4 on Windows XP as it will cause software conflicts.

For more information on Roxio Software compatibility with your Operating System visit Roxio Support Compatibility Page