Troubleshooting SCSI CD Burners

There isn't much to troubleshoot regarding problems with a SCSI CD Burner because the technology is so stable in the correct environment which is another reason its seen within a Server Farm.

When testing the SCSI cable or SCSI card as being the fault of the CD Burning problem it is best to test with a 2nd SCSI card and SCSI cable. Test the SCSI CD Burner by disconnecting the SCSI cable from the drive and insert a software or audio disc into the CD Burner. This test is shown in full under hardware fault test.

You may need to check with the CD Burner manufacture on what these LED's mean, steady green usually means the CD Burner can read the disc and red may prove a hardware fault.

Look at the CD Burner SCSI Configuration Guide to make sure the SCSI is configured correctly.