Simple MP3 Maker

Simple MP3 Maker is a great program that I have used for many years, why? I find it extremely basic so it’s easy to use but also is very reliable when it comes to stability installed onto Windows. Simple MP3 Maker has many features that allow users to rip audio discs into WAV and MP3 files with various user options.

The Simple MP3 Maker software can add ID3 Tags, a method used to attach properties of the MP3 or WA file such as Artist, Track Name, Track Number, Date etc but also has support for CDDB (CDDBP, HTTP, HTTP-Proxy, Socks-Proxy).

Simple MP3 Maker Features

Even better yet again is that Simple MP3 Maker is free to download and does not force adverts onto your computer like most other MP3 Rippers.

Win NT/2000/XP

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