CD Burner Software Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot any software problem, conflict or installation its advisable to restart the computer and boot into Safe Mode - keep pressing F8 when the PC is powered on and select Safe Mode from the menu.

Once the computer and loaded into Safe Mode use the System Configuration Utility to disable the load start up group - this is also known as MSCONFIG.

Disabling these options helps to solve many PC issues but it’s important that they are always disabled for a CD recording session.Make sure to delete the contents of the Temp folder, cookies, temporary internet files and the recycle bin itself.

Windows Media player 7 has been known to cause conflicts with some burning programs including Roxio Direct CD so its best that this is either uninstalled (for troubleshooting purposes) or upgraded to the latest version. The program has plug-in called Adaptec Burning Rom who also designed the UDF Reader for Direct CD.

By going to uninstall the program the option of 'uninstall components' should be available, which will allow you to remove the plug-in, Windows XP shouldn’t need to worry about this step. Media player 8 seems to have good compatibility with Direct CD and now they claim version 9 will have even better support.

Windows XP users you may want to Stop the built-in CD Software if you are having burn issues by going into the Services panel under Admin in the control panel.

Windows 95/98 & ME users rename the following files in the IOSUBSYS folder, they maybe hidden: atapchng.vxd, drvspoacx.vxd, drvwppqt.vxd, drvwq117.vxd, necatapi.vxd (ignore if a NEC CD-ROM is installed), torisan3.vxd, scsi1hlp.vxd, iomega.vxd (ignore if you have a Iomega Zip drive) & Nero_56.vxd (if not using Nero).

Reboot the computer. In the control panel go into 'power management' and make sure the options are set as follows.
Power schemes = Always on.
System standby = Never.
Turn off monitor = Never.
Turn off hard disks = Never.

Click apply & ok.

Laptop users will need to set their power management to use 'AC/DC power supply'. It's a bad idea trying to use a CD-Writer on a laptop powered by the battery.

Disable the screen saver by going into 'Display' & then 'Screen saver' and just select none, apply & ok.

Also disable 'Active Desktop' which is found in the Display properties.

Change the Typical Role Of PC from Desktop to Network Server. To do this go into the System icon in the Control Panel and click on the Performance tab, now click onto File System. Note this should only be used for troubleshooting purposes only.

Uninstall any CD Burning software, after the uninstall process is finished go into the 'Programs folder' using Windows Explorer and delete the CD Burning software folder, if left behind.

Also check to see if Adaptec UDF Reader is installed, if it is uninstall it & Reboot the Computer.

If all traces of the CD Burner software is uninstalled then test using a different software package, you can down Free CD Burning Software, this can help eliminate another program being the cause.

If the second CD Burning software program, such as the Free CD BurnerXP, works then you need to look at the original CD Burning software as being the cause.

If both CD Burning software programs fail then the software conflicts could be deeper than expected.

It may be advisable to look at the ASPI Layer on the computer by following the CD Burner ASPI Guide.If the CD Burner is not recognized and the error "SCSI error: No SCSI host adapter found" occurs on Windows XP the CD Burning Software may not be compatible with Windows XP - Uninstall the Software, upgrade the Burning program or test with another CD Burner software package.