UDF Problems on Windows XP

As discussed under UDF Reader help it is easily to end up with a formatted disc that has problems being recognized correctly. If you are using Windows XP and having problems with formatted UDF Discs the following information may be of some help.

There are a number of different reasons why a formatted disc appears blank or may have missing files and that could cause the error “The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable”.

Windows XP and UDF 1.02

Different version of Microsoft Windows will support different versions of the UDF such as Windows XP which will support UDF 1.02, 1.5 and 2.01. This is important because the software used to format the disc may use a different version of the UDF System.

You can download UDF 1.02 to install for Windows XP and other version of Windows but make sure to uninstall any UDF reader that may be already installed on the PC.


Also we cant forget to look at the structure the CD Burning Software created on the CD-R or CD-RW during the formatting process which cannot be read by different UDF Readers such as the Windows XP UDF Reader. To check the disc for errors a UDF-validation tool can be used which can by extremely helpful if you are unsure what version of UDF your Packet Writing software formats discs to. You can download the UDF-Validation tool to test on any UDF formatted disc you have.

UDF Compression

Packet Writing Software such as Roxio Direct CD may give you the option to use compression when formatting discs. Although this option is helpful with saving space it can or will cause problems as compression is not part of the UDF Standard compiled by OSTA which can cause problems for UDF Readers in having the ability to read the UDF format on the disc. So it advisable to never use the compression option before formatting a disc to UDF especially if the CD-R or CD-RW disc is to be used on another PC.

Using UDF Discs on other Systems

If you are using the formatted disc on another PC with no Packet Writing Software installed it is important that you make sure the disc is closed or finalized. If you are using a CD-RW disc, you will also need to make sure the drive is Multi-Read compatible and make sure the PC has a UDF Reader installed, although some Packet Writing Software such as Roxio Direct CD may burn a UDF Reader onto the disc during the formatting process.

Ejecting a UDF Formatted Disc

If using the formatted disc in a CD Burner it is extremely important the disc is ejected correctly using the Packet Writing Software before shutting the down the PC or removing the formatted disc from the CD Burner. Read our Blog post on Why its important to eject a UDF Disc.