UDF Help

UDF – Universal Disk Format developed by Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) gives users the option to burn their data to disc by simply by dragging a file from a folder and dropping it into the UDF formatted disc just like a Floppy Disk. Please note you cannot burn Audio using UDF Burning software like Roxio Direct CD.

Although burning a disc using the UDF format is an easy method to burn data to a blank disc it can still present problems if not understood and used correctly.

Problems that may occur with UDF formatted discs are formats not being able to complete, data unable to burn to a disc using UDF format, files disappearing from a UDF Disc or the UDF Disc not being recognized by the System. If you are having problems formatting a disc to UDF format it would advisable to follow troubleshooting CD Burning Software.

It may be useful to toggle the DMA option for the CD Burner which can be changed within the BIOS or CMOS.

When a UDF disc becomes unreadable or files somehow disappear, which is extremely common, it is usually misusing the disc or corruption that is the cause.

Ejecting a UDF Formatted Disc

When ever you format a disc to UDF the drive will automatically locks the drive anytime the formatted disc is placed into the CD Burner. To eject the disc you need to use the eject option within the CD Burning Software such as Roxio Direct CD allowing the software to write a temporary Table of Contents (TOC). If you do use the eject button on the CD Burner to eject the UDF disc then at some stage the disc is going to become unreadable.

UDF Download

The UDF Reader allows the system to have the ability to read the contents of the UDF formatted disc and needs to be installed onto any PC that does not have any UDF Burning software installed – you can download Roxio version of UDF Reader if needed.


Adaptec no longer supply or supports Adaptec UDF Reader after Roxio took over development of Easy CD Creator and Direct CD. However, if you are a user of Windows NT4, Windows 95 or Windows 98 you may be able to locate the Adaptec UDF Reader on-line – but not from Adaptec.

If you are having problems with the UDF Reader we suggest uninstalling all CD Burning Software and existing installations of UDF Readers, disabling any Ant-virus software and installing the latest version of the UDF Reader.

Try a different brand of Blank Media if having problems with UDF Discs to rule the discs out as being the cause of any UDF Problems. Some common UDF Burning or Drive Letter access programs are:

DirectCD from Roxio

InCD from Ahead