USB CD Burners

USB drives opens up more options for user wishing to perform a data backup of their files, either on a desktop or a laptop.

USB, short for Universal Serial BUS, is a technology that is easy to use and will allow mutliple USB devices connected to a PC all at the same time.

Although USB is not supported on Windows NT4 or Windows 95 serial adapters and other types of USB adpaters can be used to have a USB drive working on a non-USB computer - this systems can be become unstable very easily and conflicts are most likely to happen.

USB Hubs and External Burners

Another option to users of USB technology is the USB hubs that allows users to connect mutliple deivces to a computer via just one USB connection, the hub. USB hubs are a bad idea when it comes to using an external USB Burner as data transfers rates are somewhat spratic.

Simply disconnect all USB devices including the USB hub from the computer keeping the USB external burner attached, its better to use the back USB ports.

Also see: Troubleshooting USB and USB configuration settings for more help.